Kendraio is an international media, technology, academic and industry alliance backed by international governments. The mission is to foster an open distributed marketplace for digital media (including films, music, images, games and text).

Technology Strategy BoardEuropean Commission

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The nonprofit initiative researches, recommends and develops enhancements to the digital media marketplace that facilitate interoperability between and revenue generation for content owners and service providers; to enable consumers to use any device or application to browse, search and purchase content from any content catalogue, seamlessly. The cross-industry stakeholder group is currently investigating collaboration workflow, rights management, content description, search, visibility, discovery, delivery and payment whilst developing and trialing prototypes and promoting support.
Its goals are to:

  • Simplify and streamline buying and selling digital content by driving industry adoption of open protocols.
  • Enable interoperability between service providers, media applications and devices - every link in the content value chain.
  • Build a system where consumers can use any device or application to browse, search and purchase from the globally distributed collection of content catalogues.
  • Create a more pleasurable buying experience for consumers and increase reach and revenue for content owners.

By bringing together content creators/owners and specialists from industry and academia Kendraio is constructing a framework that will enable all organisations and individuals in the content distribution industry to exchange ideas and build this system. Join us.