Kendra App Development

Kendra App Development

Kendra Hub Development

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Our initial goal is to produce working software with rapid iterations.
Therefore we will be initially using Drupal native entity modeling (content types and taxonomies) that will help develop working software and refine the data model over time.
Later stages we will be investigating the creation of external data models that enable:

  • wider collaboration
  • API based interaction
  • external data stores (e.g. triplestores)
  • interaction with other services (e.g.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

  • The development of the software will have a defined continuity plan. This defines how the investment is protected by a disaster recovery plan to ensure that all code, functionality, configuration and data content are secure and can be restored at any time.

Development agile git flow based

  • Development of the software will use agile principles and git based version control. Development will use branches off the master code branch and based around feature branches.
  • The development environment will have dev-staging-master (production/live) work flow.

The distributable product

  • A distribution will be created that enables the delivery and installation of the software to enable anyone to create a 'hub'.
  • Delivery of new features will employ upgrade functionality to enable remote installations to be upgraded as required.
  • The distribution will also have an optional 'demo' data set that can be installed when the software is installed.
  • This will enable the installation to be used to demo and trail the software with relevant 'dummy' data.
  • There will also be an option to connect the Kendra Hub to the Kendra Cloud – hence importing objects from other Kendra Hub installations.

User Trials / User Investment

  • In order to get continuous and early feedback we hope to trial the use of developing versions of the software with real users.
  • In order to protect their investment and to maintain engagement we aim to safeguard their data throughout the process life cycle.
  • However initial development stages are unlikely to be able to support this and we shall seek the collaboration with a few targeted individuals who understand that their data input may be volatile.
Kendraio App is an open source dashboard application for rights owners, music makers, managers and record labels, enabling users to manage and track their digital media assets, collaborations and associated rights.The application integrates with collective management organisations, online distribution points and social networks. Kendraio App also enables users to analyse sales reports. The application can be run locally on your laptop or hosted in the cloud. The project is currently funded by the EU and by industry.


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