Kendra App Overview

Kendra App Overview

Kendra Hub is a UK TSB funded project to develop an application to manage collaboration, metadata and rights, and distribution.


Refer to features and architecture pages for full details.

v1 Initial Prototype (Done)

  • MusicArtist, MusicGroup and Clip content types
  • Prototype interface for configuring clip and sub-clip relationships
  • Prototype interface for querying clip data to find sub-clip rights, including a simple calculation of splits.

v2 - A - Multi-user

  • Add access control to allow multi-users.
  • More fine grained control over relation add/edit rights
  • Look at organic groups as an approach to control rights over clips

v2 - B - Multi-site

  • Implement an initial prototype of remote resource. I.e. adding a subclip to a clip on site X but the clip is hosted/defined on site Y.
  • This will involve making the data in a Kendra Hub site available in some machine readable format. Perhaps this is RDFa.
  • This then involves fetching data and creating a local copy (cache) of the remote resource, and potentially allowing for augmenting with extra data.
  • Mechanism to re-sync with remote source
  • Mechanism to subscribe to receive Push notifications of any changes to remote resource.

v3 - Integrate multi-user and multi-site

  • v2A may be implemented before v2B, or the other way around, or may be implemented separately,

v4 - API

  • Add an API and allow integration with DAW or other tools.
Kendraio App is an open source dashboard application for rights owners, music makers, managers and record labels, enabling users to manage and track their digital media assets, collaborations and associated rights.The application integrates with collective management organisations, online distribution points and social networks. Kendraio App also enables users to analyse sales reports. The application can be run locally on your laptop or hosted in the cloud. The project is currently funded by the EU and by industry.


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