Kendra App Usecases

Kendra App Usecases

Kendra Hub Usecases

  • The rights/ownership information has to be stored and managed by you and/or your authorised managers – who could be the PRS/MCPS or anyone you (as the content owner) elects. So, we could have a screen that lists your work and the rights associated with them.
  • Then we'd have a way of modifying a music file to insert metadata and/or a reference link to the rights metadata. Not sure exactly how that gets visualised bit it's a necessary step to show.
  • Then we'd have a consumer playing one of your tracks and you popping up with text/visual saying "make a donation" or "pay this much" or "take a bit out of your monthly media subscription". Sliding scale for donation? We can play with different models on a song by song basis which will be useful to see what combinations work best.
  • If someone wants to use a sample of one of your tracks within their mix we could mockup a Logic Pro or Pro Tools pop-up saying they need to contact you or here are the terms or cannot be used in smoking adverts.
  • Then we need a dashboard view that shows all these transaction by your defined filters – meaning you wouldn't see every consumer sale/stream but by country or age or star sign. And if you want to drill down to a town or date range then you could see more details – you define the filter. And you'd get data imported from collection societies and Spotify and YouTube and be able to compare them in different ways – all definable by you. And you'd have incoming sync requests. Again, some of these functions could be delegated to other people who you would define.
Kendraio App is an open source dashboard application for rights owners, music makers, managers and record labels, enabling users to manage and track their digital media assets, collaborations and associated rights.The application integrates with collective management organisations, online distribution points and social networks. Kendraio App also enables users to analyse sales reports. The application can be run locally on your laptop or hosted in the cloud. The project is currently funded by the EU and by industry.


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