Kendra App Workflows

Kendra App Workflows

Kendra Hub Workflows
  • Add new “drum” subclip to a track (adding new clip to track)
  • Add roger taylor as performer of that clip (adding existing legal entity to clip)
  • Add david bowie as producer of that clip (adding new legal entity to clip)
  • Edit the relation to change source/target extent of clip usage
  • View rights split for a track = 5 tables = table of splits per entity per right, + split for this track between perf/comp/etc + complete split by entity

    • looking at track, rights table/info should be split up by right, total 100% for each right
  • Edit how rights are split up for this track (%age for comp, %age for perform)

    • should be able to display split of rights for the track, eg performance rights for this track make up 45% of track, composition makes up 9% of track. need to be able alter the split for the track (edit percentages).
  • Alter weights to affect the suggested split

    • alter weights to be able adjust the suggested split
  • Enter a negotiated split (to override suggested split)

    • next to suggested split, need to be able to enter actual split (text entry). (potentially store the fact that track has negotiated split as separate weight/split and flag to say ignore the usage extent - assumed to be 0 - 100%).
  • Add existing clip to track

    • select range of a clip for use in another track (adding existing clip to track)
    • start on a track page, select to add an existing clip to the track. select which clip. you see page with clip and the breakdown of the track but be unable to edit it (can’t change weights etc), you are just able to select a range from the clip, and click a button to take this range and embed it in the other clip. In process of doing so, need to specify destination usage range, and the rights which are being transferred by this usage. and at the end you are redirected back to the track and can see the new subclip embedded within it.
Kendraio App is an open source dashboard application for rights owners, music makers, managers and record labels, enabling users to manage and track their digital media assets, collaborations and associated rights.The application integrates with collective management organisations, online distribution points and social networks. Kendraio App also enables users to analyse sales reports. The application can be run locally on your laptop or hosted in the cloud. The project is currently funded by the EU and by industry.


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