How can we be clever about all this?

1. MIDIrights (that's MIDI + rights) press release preparation
2. Music Tech Fest Labs Blockchain demo 11:30am CEST 25 May
3. Tell your friends and get involved
4. Are you or your organisation listed on

We are definitely not alone. The tide has turned. The media industry has woken up.

In this Kendra update you'll see Imogen Heap's track, Tiny Human, demonstrated on our brand new prototype; and an opportunity to collaborate in ProTechU's Digital DNA Genome Project.

1. Imogen Heap's Tiny Human rights demonstrated on Kendra Hub prototype
2. Meet us on January 6/7 at ProTechU's Digital DNA Genome Project in London
3. Kendra Initiative to Apply for £250,000 UK grant in early 2016
4. Newsletter moved to MailChimp: Yes! But we forgot your unsubscribes: Sorry!
5. Please update your profile on the new Kendra Initiative website

1. Kendra copyright update for legal professionals June 17 London
2. Kendra Hub music/media dashboard review June 17 London
3. Kendra Initiative joins Digital Catapult contributor programme
4. Seeking partners and funding for Kendra Hub development
5. How does a campaign to "Set Media Makers Free!" sound?
6. Kendra Initiative new website and social media launched
7. Update your profile

This is in response to George Howard's post at

When I hear REM's Cuyahoga I always feel the hairs on the back of my neck raise up. Something about it being such a calm and peaceful way to say "you are all wrong and I will leave you and you are not even worth speaking to". But in our case I don't feel making a new country is what we really want to do. To "begin again" would be a foolish thing to do. The "Internet" is fine just as it is, thank you. Because the Internet is just an open protocol called "TCP/IP" and it's quite wonderful. We don't need to scrap it and build a new one. We need to build on top of it. It is the foundation of our next era. So, perhaps you'll call me nitpicky but, actually, we really need to be, else we're all going to be saying the same thing but all thinking completely different ideas. Really what you are talking about is in the realm of the Web and not the Internet. Strictly speaking the Web sits on top of the Internet. Blockchain technology sits on top of the Internet. The Internet is fine and cool. What we need to do is build great stuff on top of it.

This is in response to Auddly's post at

It's great to see you guys go from strength to strength! I know you are building the next Global Rights Database (GRD). I've heard quite a number of people recently talking similar language. How can you all be building the next GRD? Here's how...

GRD1 failed because no CMO/PRO (quite sensibly in commercial terms) wanted to give up their (whose?) databases into a central store (as per EU edict). We're not quite sure who's working on GRD2 or what it might be – so let's skip that, eh? So, we're using a working title of "GRD3" for a set of ideas that could just bring this altogether.

Kendra Hub will be demonstrated at Music Tech Fest London 2014 on Friday 5th September at 7.30pm. Daniel Harris, founder of Kendra Initiative, will take the audience of music enthusiasts though collaboration and rights components.