About Kendraio
Kendraio is an independent nonprofit research project, building free open-source software. Our goals are to help individuals and groups save time on admin, reduce stress, and have complete ownership of their data and total control of how it is used.

We're building Kendraio App, a highly customisable, no-code environment to explore how we could interact with technology with more personal control. Our focus is user centric design, portable data, privacy, interoperability, and enabling user configurable interfaces. We are designing this technology in collaboration with passionate people from a variety of sectors. We are building prototypes based on their real world challenges.
Collaborate with us on Slack. See what we're creating and follow us on YouTube, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, X (Twitter), and Instagram. Sign up to our newsletter, join our Facebook group, and see our Google Drive folder. Kendraio, the project, is hosted by two legal entities: Kendraio Foundation in the UK and Kendraio Foundation MTÜ in Estonia. Both foundations are nonprofit, limited by guarantee (without shares). All the code powering Kendraio is completely free open source software available on GitHub. We are currently raising funding. Welcome!