Kendraio works iteratively. This means that our first step isn’t development, but a conversation or partnership. We establish the challenges a potential partner faces, look for a small problem we can solve to start with, and then start working. From then on, the partnership grows organically. We are always looking for opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogue with forward-thinking people and organisations within the music industry and beyond. Our speciality is bridging gaps and improving processes in existing systems.

Bloomen Blockchain for Creative Work Logo

Who? EU Horizon 2020 funded research project investigating the use of Blockchain for creative industries, such as music, web TV and photography.

What? Developing the admin interface for the Bloomen Music pilot

When? September 2017 – August 2020

Can a complex technology like Blockchain improve content workflows in the media industry and support better compensation for creators? This was the main question the Bloomen Project aimed to answer. Kendraio approached the project with yet another question: How can we empower creatives to manage their assets and rights in an efficient way, so they have more time to focus on their art? Workflows created within Kendraio App were used as admin interfaces for the Bloomen API and, most extensively, Bloomen Music. The Bloomen Music use case, run by BMAT, focuses on core issues for rights holders: user and member management, submission of requests, repertoire and claims management.


Who? One of the top giglisting sites

What? Helping test their artist-facing API and integrating it into Kendraio App

When? 2020

As part of our continuing effort to integrate with different music services, we were able to team up with Bandsintown and help them test and develop their new artist-facing API. This Flow is now available in Kendraio App.