About Kendraio

Kendraio has been running for over 20 years and has raised over 1M EUR in grants to research into interoperability and develop Kendraio App, a dashboard for asset and rights management. Our mission is to empower people and organisations with the benefits that come from increased interoperability and a culture of data-sharing

With more and more governments and organisations investing in better data portability, it’s an exciting time to be developing human-centric solutions and advocating interoperability. Kendraio is currently funded by Grant for the Web, a grant from Coil, Mozilla, and Creative Commons. 

Our current focus are the creative industries, specifically the music business. However, transformative benefits of interoperability apply to all areas of public and personal life. Access to large amounts of high-quality data empowers individuals, businesses and governments to make better decisions more quickly and more efficiently. This creates the opportunity for better legislation, products, as well as a more informed population and these things, in turn, lead to healthier economies and better quality of life.


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The need for data to be easily transferable, readable, and usable

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From conversations to code: Open and free exchange of ideas

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Data should be accessible and usable to everyone


Empowering people to use and engage with data actively and easily


Making it easier for people to control their own data spaces


APIs limit the sharing of personal data by design

What do we do?

Custom Solutions

Do you have a challenge that you haven’t found any commercial solution to just yet? As part of the general development of Kendraio App, we want to take on unique challenges that help us organically develop tools that benefit real people.

API Testing
Interoperability in the back-end requires a well-thought-out front-end to display data coming in through APIs. This is why we specialise in rapid application development (RAD), helping you pull data from many sources and display it in one interface.

Building interfaces

As specialists in integration and APIs, we are always happy to help you test and develop your API by integrating it into Kendraio App.


Kendraio has received the following research grants:

100K USD for Kendraio Pay from Grant for the Web (November 2020 to April 2021)

643K EUR (of 2.7M) for Kendraio App via Bloomen from European Commission (September 2017 – August 2020)

50K EUR for Kendraio Verify from Google DNI November 2017 – August 2018

100K GBP for Kendraio App (formerly Kendra Hub) via MediaMapPlus from Innovate UK (January 2014 – June 2015)

276K EUR (of 3M) for Saracen from European Commission (January 2010 – March 2013)

185K EUR (of 14M) for P2P-Next from European Commission (January 2008 – April 2012)

116K GBP for Kendra via City University from EPSRC (1996 – 1999)