Kendraio App helps artists and their teams manage the services they use from within one dashboard.

The goal of Kendraio App is to provide a rights management system for music and other creative assets, where professionals can manage and track their digital assets and associated metadata, delivering easier and faster administration of assets across multiple digital services.

For artists and professionals in the creative industries, this not only means increased flexibility, perspective and control - it allows them to spend more time creating and less time on admin, like registering and managing the rights and assets that ensure their income.

What is Kendraio App?

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What can you do with Kendraio App?

Asset Management
With Kendraio App, it’s easier than ever to have an overview of your assets from multiple sources. Within Kendraio App, you can import data from multiple sources into one customisable dashboard. What’s more, because the app is bi-directional, you can also upload to multiple services simultaneously.


In Kendraio App, you can easily build and configure workflows using one or more APIs, all without much coding knowledge. Save your Flows and use them again and again, or share them with your colleagues or your team. Kendraio App uses Mapping to help translate between different APIs and data sources. 

Data Visualisation
Kendraio App allows you to import and combine data from multiple sources via APIs. You can then verify, display, and analyse your data - and build dashboards with the data, scales, and graphs you need to do your best work.

What have we done with Kendraio App?

Kendraio Pay is an open-source project all about reimagining and innovating monetisation for the music industry on the web, in a way that contributes to a healthier, fairer and more transparent internet. See more.

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